Community Service Scholarship

At Sonder we are interested in the intersection of somatic practices, social justice and the possibility for creating change in our communities and beyond. We are holding space for scholarship applicants who want to study Body-Mind Centering AND will make a commitment to then share the BMC work with diverse and underserved communities.

Interested in applying for Sonder Movement Project’s Community Service Scholarship? Our pre-requisites are:

  • You are currently working with diverse populations and underserved communities

  • You agree to work with underserved communities and diverse populations with the skills and knowledge you gain from the SME/IDME program.

  • This scholarship is applicable to select courses or the entire program. Two scholarships for the entire program/each module will be offered. Download the application with details here.


• Scholarship amount is 50% off the regular price.

• Scholarship students are required to pay the full deposit, though they may choose to wait to pay their deposit until they find out if they have been awarded a scholarship.

• Scholarship students are not eligible for early registration discounts.

Scholarship is NOT available for IDME 1-4 courses


Two months prior to the start date of the module or course desired.

Current deadline for Module 1 is January 1st.

NOTE: Priority will be given to applications received by the due date. Late applications will be considered when submitted after the due date, dependent on available funding.